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The “Pod & Market” podcast grew out of several conversations amongst Newarkers, lamenting the decline of traditional forms of media and journalism in Newark (like newspapers) and the lack of a central forum for discussion of issues facing the City of Newark. While not the first or only discussion podcast in Newark, the topics of the podcast can be as general as gentrification and as narrow as the construction of a single building. The only connection between episodes will be their connection to Newark.

So, what is the “Pod & Market” podcast? The podcast is meant to be a true discussion, a place where people who have a stake in the City of Newark can come and discuss what’s affecting the city; new developments occurring within it; and the history and culture of this little corner of the world. Guests will hash out points of conflict and disagreement. They will attempt to exorcize the old ghosts that haunt this place, confront its new demons, and celebrate the things that enrich the lives of the people who work, live, and play here. Issues will be fleshed out. That means not everyone on the pod will agree with what is said. We want disagreement. It’s through disagreement that we can suss out the truth and see all sides of an issue.

So, why the name? Broad and Market is a shibboleth. It’s something that makes a lot of sense to those in Newark but not much sense to those outside of it. Those three words mean a whole world to Newarkers beyond just that intersection. Broad and Market is the spiritual center of Newark, its solar plexus and its beating heart. There isn’t a person alive in this city who hasn’t visited the intersection at some point in their life. Just saying those words conjure up a specific image of controlled chaos, free expression, and metaphorical interchange. More important, that intersection lives and breathes the history of the city. Broad, which runs north to south and which you could technically ride all the way to Trenton, stands for the entire state of New Jersey, its history and its diversity. Market, which runs east to west, represents the old and the new world, new hopes and new beginnings. The podcast will be your aural Broad and Market.

So, why should I listen to the pod? Actually, there is no particular reason why you should listen to the pod. Instead, over the episodes, we hope to build some trust with our listeners. We hope the direction and discussion of this podcast will show you the earnestness we all bring to this mission and the seriousness to which bring the issues and the discussion.

We want participation from all types of Newarkers. If you have ideas for the pod or a future episode or would like to be a guest on one of the episodes, please contact us! We will always be looking new ideas.


Manny ANtunes

Host & Producer

Manny grew up in Newark. After eleven years “abroad” in Boston, New York City, and London, he has settled back in the Brick City, working and living there. The podcasts that served as his inspiration for “Pod : Radiotopia’s 99% Invisible, NPR’s Code Switch, BBC’s In Our Time, The Ringer’s Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air, Crooked Media’s Lovett or Leave it, Vox’s The Weeds, Radiolab’s More Perfect, Mike Rugnetta’s Reasonably Sound, Radiotopia’s The Allusionist, Vox’s The Ezra Klein Show, Podcast Like It’s 1999, and Filmspotting’s The Next Picture Show (his favorite).


Bah Fraz

Senior Audio Engineer at Newark.FM



Samantha Katehis

Creative/Design Consultant

Samantha is a Newark-based artist and designer. Her exploratory work draws from her education in industrial design and is informed by the nature of her chosen material. She has a MID from Pratt Institute. She is the principal of Fern & Fossil, where she sells terrariums, designed objects, and unique handmade gifts and hosts terrarium building workshops.


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Intro and Outro Music by Dan Meyler, a Human

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Episodes of “Pod & Market” reference a lot of stuff. Each episode has its own guide with the episode itself, descriptions of the guests, articles and background material to help you get up to speed, and the end quote and its source. Look for the episode you listened to and click “LEARN MORE” to access the guide.



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:an interview and conversation with jordan thomas

Jordan Thomas, Newark native, Princeton alum, Rhodes Scholar, Harvard/Yale student, and so much more, comes onto the pod to discuss his experience growing in Newark, the issues he has grappled with, and where he sees his future.

P&M Logo 1400x1400.jpg

Coming soon!

P&M Logo 1400x1400.jpg

Coming soon!



Guests, Don Charles and Derek Walls, join the podcast to share the preparations and work behind Porchfest, a 50-plus artist/performers celebration throughout Forest Hill on September 28, 2019.


You Can’t Recreate History: The Preservation of old Essex County Jail with Myles Zhang

Up the hill sits Old Essex County Jail, site of many incarcerations and executions in New Jersey history. The building, when in opened in the 1800s, was considered to be the model for progress in the penal system. Today, the building has fallen into disuse and disrepair. Myles Zhang joins the pod to discuss the future of the site and of preservation and development in Newark.


"Bringing Back the Spirit(s) of Newark": Cool Vines and All Points West

Newark was once a center of alcohol production and consumptions. Massive breweries and distilleries dotted the landscape, while, during prohibition, speakeasies could be found on every corner. John Ward from Cool Vines and Gil Spaier from All Points West come on to the pod to discuss their successes in reviving this culture and the challenges they still face.

Nork Project Image.png

“A Newark Brand”: Interview and Conversation with Gabe Ribeiro

Gabe Ribeiro comes onto Pod & Market to discuss his growing brand, The Nork Project, as well as The Nork Audio Project, and to share his experiences growing a brand in Newark.

Flag Run.jpg

“Don’t Be Afraid”: COming Out in Newark

Coming out to friends, family, and loved ones can often be a difficult process. It is often not a singular moment and takes on many forms. Bella Filipe and Christian Valentin-Gladden share their Newark coming out stories, explain what coming out means and how it happens, and share advice with those who might find it difficult.


"A Free Public Library": Interview and Conversation with Jeffrey Trzeciak

Jeffrey Trzeciak, Director of the Newark Public Library, joins Pod & Market to discuss what has changed at the Library over the last several years. Jeffrey discusses the Library's efforts with LGBTQI+ awareness and inclusion and its new services for the homeless of Newark, as well as other programming to maintain interest in the Library in the age of social media and increasing digitization. Jeffrey also shares a little of his background, how he got to the director position, and what it is like to be a gay individual of prominence in Newark.

ADorian Photo.jpg
RU Paid Image.jpeg

“From Newark to Cambridge": Newark Students Adjusting to Elite Institutions 

Anthony Abraham Jack's The Privileged Poor, through the use of stories collected from students over several years, exposed how often elite institutions of higher education fail to help undergraduate students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their full potential. Kim Boerrigter and Lucia Couto, two Newark residents who currently attend Harvard College, share their experiences in transitioning from here to Cambridge.

“Local Control": Interview and Conversation with A’Dorian Murray-Thomas

After 23 years of state control of Newark Public Schools, local control has come back to the elected Board of Education. This spring, we had our first election where incumbent members of the re-empowered Board of Education ran against a new slate of candidates. One of these new candidates was A’Dorian Murray-Thomas. She won a seat on the board with the largest number of votes of any candidate. A'Dorian joins the Pod & Market podcast to discuss her vision as a board member, her policy goals, and what she brings to the table.

"Ru Paid?”: The Fight over Educator Pay at Rutgers-Newark

Bargaining units representing the administration at Rutgers and certain segments of its educators are currently in dispute over the pay of part-time lecturers and grad students at the University. Here to explain the nature of dispute and the goals of one side of those negotiations are a grad student, a part time lecturer, and faculty union leader.

“Reclaiming Space”: Noelle Lorraine Williams and the Creation of the Frederick Douglas Athletic Field

On the corner of University and Warren Streets lies Rutgers University's Alumni Field. On Wednesday, April 17, that field will be renamed Frederick Douglas Athletic Field, in honor of the historic abolitionist and activist who gave several speeches in that space. Noelle Lorraine Williams will discuss the inception of the space, how this connects with Newark's black activist past, and the meaning of memorials in Newark.


“obsessive”: Interview and Conversation with Adam bergo

This week, we take a break from our usual discussion panel for an interview and conversation with Adam Bergo (@cevn7), a local entrepreneur and artist. Adam, along with his mother, runs @blackswanespresso, a high quality coffeehouse on Halsey Street in Newark. I've known Adam for two years now and really hope you enjoy his perspective on coming to Newark, opening a business, and maintaining his artistic vision.

State of the City Pic.png

“Hold the Line”: Newark’s 2019 State of the city

On March 12, thousands gathered at NJPAC to listen to Mayor Ras Baraka speak about the state of the city. Alongside some performances, Mayor Baraka explored several subject areas, ranging from education to public safety to quality of life, and gave his own assessment of how Newark was doing and what it could look forward to. In this episode, Halashon Sianipar and I discuss the speech itself, the issues it raised, and our own assessment of the state of the city.


“Alexa, Is amazon coming to Newark?”: Amazon's Second HQ and Courting Businesses to Newark

In a very subdued press release, Amazon announced that it would no longer pursue the construction of its second headquarters in New York City. Within a few days of that withdrawal, Mayor Baraka published a piece (not surprisingly) in the Washington Post seeming to say that the administration wanted Newark to still be in contention. Join Jorge Santos, Rory MacQueen, and Christian Dean Smith, as we discuss Amazon's quest for a second HQ, whether Amazon is a good fit for Newark, and what Newark should do to convince businesses to come to the Brick City.


“12 Stories high and Changing fast”: mx3 and a Changing ironbound

A change in the zoning rules, known as MX3, will allow for higher building heights just east of Penn Station in the Ironbound, with plans for a 12 story building upon the Newark City Council's approval of the ordinance. Join Lillian Ribeiro, Lisa Scorsolini, and Drew Curtis as we discuss this change and larger changes going on in the Ironbound. 

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